NOW HEAR THIS… Couch Flambeau !

I have been writing this blog now since November of 2011. Wow, really? At any rate, I have been coming close to the 2 GB limit of media uploads, pictures that I try to include with each post. My choices seemed to be, create a new blog and link to it from the last entry of the old one (not appealing but I have seen it done), or purchase a package which gives me my own site and more space (and despite toying with that I still feel like I am only dabbling at this and can’t see spending the money)… or as I discovered, I can just get a space upgrade for cheap!

This morning I decided to get the space upgrade. I now have 10 GB… AND… I can now upload MP3’s!

So, as a test, I am uploading the MP3 I created of Couch Flambeau’s appearance on WMSE Local Live. I used Audacity to pull out just the Local Live part of the WMSE archive of that night.

Plug for them:


There are lots of archives on their site if you are looking for some great Milwaukee local stuff. I highly recommend it.

Here is the audio of Couch Flambeau in the studio

and for those looking for more info on Couch… check out their site

Tell them The Aural Retentive sent you!

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