Music For Night Driving

Driving during the day seems to not have a special kind of music associated with it in my mind (admittedly the crazy place), but night driving is a whole different matter.

There are several flavors of night driving scenarios that need the right kind of music to go with them. Sort of like picking the exact right kind of wine to go with a particular meal.


1. Driving at night – Summer/Windows Down.

This is all 4 windows down, music up loud to be heard over the sound of rushing air. Rock definitely. This is the perfect time to break out the guilty pleasure 80’s long hair bands. Van Halen. Need I say more. Or, new stuff, fresh to your collection blasted, maybe for the first time over a respectable volume. You are cruising along, no one can see you as you zoom by leaving rock fumes in your wake. This is good time driving.

2. Driving at night – Summer/Raining

This is sad bastard music time. Rain beating on the roof of the car, you can’t help but get behind the feeling and play some Cure, or Black Angels, anything that has a bit of melancholy to it. It’s okay. Go for the bleeding heart albums and long sad ballads. May I suggest some Pink Floyd? “Animals” is a favorite go to.

3. Driving at night – Summer/HOT

This is when it is so hot that you are forced to have the windows up and the AC on full blast. You can barely hear over the noise… so again rock, but less big hair and more subversive. I’d go Jane’s Addiction or Nine Inch Nails. Something you can make the car frame rattle to and not scare the little old lady at the traffic light. Manson? Perfect! I love screaming out the angst from my system at the dashboard. On that note, any Rage Against The Machine would work too.

4. Driving at night – Winter

Sigh, this calls for anything that could possible give the illusion of warmth. I suggest copious amounts of Bob Marley. This will both give you some positivity, but make you think of warm islands. I also think that techno stuff works well during Winter. Perhaps it is jerky enough to go along with the shivering. Try some Jazz too, it will chip off the ice, unless you go all smooth jazz. Try some Miles or Coltrane, you’ll warm up.

As I was driving home from work tonight I was in # 4 mode.


Maybe I have overthought this.

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