7th Annual Bob Marley Birthday Bash – High Noon Saloon

I have written many times about almost seeing Natty Nation. The moment is coming soon!

The High Noon Saloon is having the 7th Bob Marley Birthday Bash this coming weekend (Feb 7 2015).

Bob Marley 7th Annual Birthday Bash

Recently I wrote a post and mentioned Natty Nation after picking up their “Earth Citizen” CD and was bummed to see that they were not playing in the Madison area anytime soon.

As it turns out however, literally the next day, I got a notice from my Bands-In-Town app about a new natty Nation show! They were playing the Bob Marley Birthday Bash. No Way! This was our redemption show. Since we missed a show last winter due to weather this will be our second chance. I ordered our tickets right away.

They came in the mail. The nerd in me was excited that the format of the tickets was new. I have a bunch from The Majestic, but they all look the same. I got these from Ticketfly, so they look different. Sweetens the look of my ticket stub portfolio.

2015-01-31 06.20.44

Sweet hologram. I hope they don’t take it from me and rip it in half and I only get back a shred.

It pains me to know that there are people who just throw their stubs away after a show… or throw them on the floor while they are there. Sigh. So sad.

This show is the day after the Led Zeppelin 2 show I am seeing with Dalton. It’s gonna be a music filled weekend! I am giving Cindy the “Natty Nation – Retrospective” CD to listen to over the next week to get ready for the show.


I saw Natty Nation on a local TV show “Urban Theater” years ago and really dug it. The music was great and instead of channel surfing I stayed and watched the whole show. They have a certain style that is very modern but full of positivity. I love Bob Marley, but haven’t really gotten into many other reggae bands, with the exception of Steel Pulse, so to see Natty Nation live is going to be great. I have bought 2 CD’s from The Original Pancake House of all places (“Reincarnation” and “Retrospective”), and got the “Earth Citizen” CD recently from Frugal Muse. I also got the “Live At The UW Terrace” digital download , also from their Bandcamp page.

Live At UW Terrace

It’s great. I highly recommend it.

It’s what I will be listening to al week to get ready for the Saturday show. Prepare for my long awaited review of an actual Natty Nation show.

There are several CD’s I don’t have. I bet they will have a merch table.

I’m bringing my Sharpie!

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