David Bowie Knows What Day It Is

Whilst I was all up in the WMSE website recently getting the info on “Local Live”, their local bands in the studio show and deciphering what day Couch Flambeau played it, I noticed that WMSE was selling a calendar. I must admit I ordered it without really researching it too deeply. It looked like it had some cool pictures and I was all high on WMSE… it just happened.

It is actually a compilation of great photos by Rich Zimmerman of music figures from shows that they performed in Wisconsin.


Well, it arrived, and I was amazed.

The next musician (Mr. February) was Frank Zappa!

2015-01-29 07.25.03

I wish I could have seen Frank. Sigh

At any rate I flipped through the calendar and it’s great. Lots of great pictures and even in the back there was a picture of Short Stuff! You can read about the Short Stuff albums I have purchased on vinyl here on my blog. Here is Rich’s photo.

2015-01-29 07.26.05

So cool. Needless to say, I am loving the calendar. I recommend it to all.


I have put it up at work and displaced the Nature Scenes calendar.

2015-01-29 15.24.15

David only got to watch over me for a week, but he knew what day it was all week long.


I e-mailed the station to say how much I liked the calendar and I got a nice response. So then I asked if there was a schedule for the past “Local Live” episodes. Turns out there is, which they gladly provided.


You rock WMSE !

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