7th Annual Bob Marley Birthday Bash, High Noon Saloon 2/7/2015

Cindy and I finally made it to see Natty Nation !

It was my first double-header (2 shows in 2 nights – saw Led Zeppelin 2 on 2/6/2015 which I still have to write up) !


The weather was not freezing and we got a parking spot right outside! It was a good start to a great evening.

Inside we took a strategic position at the right side bar and waited for the show to start. The crowd was a highly mixed group of Madisonian’s and as the time approached the place filled up fast. Bob Marley music was playing on the sound system getting everyone psyched. It was loud, but not too loud, thank you for that High Noon Saloon! I like it loud, but don’t want to be deaf before the show starts.

At one point while we were waiting JAH Boogie came out of the corner band room and walked past me at the bar. It was like my star sighting in Hollywood. I turned to Cindy and said “that’s JAH Boogie!”… Sigh, I am still such a music nerd.

Our vantage point was stage right.


Natty Nation came out and the show started right into the Bob Marley. The High Noon Saloon was packed and the crowd was loving it.


The music was fantastic. Of course it was Bob Marley themed, but Natty did play some of their own stuff. They did “Reincarnation” which is one of my favorites off of the first Natty Nation CD I bought a few years ago at The Original Pancake House on University Avenue. It was awesome.

Now as I understand it the group that night was a mixture of Natty and a group called Night Phoenix. The 2 guys on the left, Mike (guitar) and Alex (keyboards) joined for the Bob Marley Birthday Bash shows. Everyone sounded sharp and tight together.

Literally my legs were sore from leaning against the bar and bopping up and down to the music. My calves were burning like I was doing a workout! I couldn’t help but move. The music was not too loud, nicely familiar and full of essential grooves. Everyone on stage seemed to be genuinely enjoying themselves which makes you love it all the more.

The vibe was so good and positive. I should take Joe to see Natty Nation.

The music was amazing and Mike did some fantastic solo guitar work. Sorry Mike not a great picture, but you were rocking it!


and of course JAH Boogie was smooth and proper in the vocals


Alex did some of the vocals and did great as well.

The drummer Olen (hope I got that right) was quietly sitting center stage making a big noise and beats throughout and Aaron was doing keyboards and siren drops…


and was at one point playing a melodica.


I feel like I am overusing the great and awesome references, but in point of fact, it was all great and awesome. I am so glad we were able to go. The show was a standout in my show going history. The vibe was just so mellow and the music so good and I will make it a point to see these guys again. Thank goodness they are a Madison band!

Our we were here shot.


I bought one of the few Natty Nation CD’s I didn’t have yet from the merch table, and I talked to the guy shooting pictures of the band throughout the show. Hope some of those show up on the Natty Nation Facebook page, or the Modmedia site.


My bartop shrine for the evening. Drinks, CD, ticket stub and card from the photographer.


Some links for you:



P.S.  Thank you Natty Nation for calling me out on your Facebook page too! January 30th and January 31st of 2015. It was an honor!


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