Once Around CD Release Party At Bootleggers 2-28-2015

Last year sometime I wrote a post about the Pep band at Highland basketball games that I was attending. They were fun and naturally I was into the music. There was a story with the drummer at that time which I followed up on a bit. You can read all that here:


This year I enjoyed the Pep band again and I overheard in the bleachers that  Sebastian (who was the drummer last year) was in a new band and they were about to release an EP! Be it your style of music or not, you got to hand it to these guys, all still in high school, for working hard to make music and for getting it recorded. I can’t make it to the party, but I thought I would plug them here.

Their Facebook page:


Once Around

check it for info on the CD release party at Bootleggers. Also here is an interview they did with Max Ink Radio:


I’ll have to buy a copy somehow or another. I’m in Highland a lot. I won’t pass up a chance to support local music.

Good luck guys!

The Aural Retentive

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    1. Hey Michael Anthony! Is there still a way to get the physical CD of Once Around’s first release? Or are they all sold out? I see I can get the 2 releases on CD Baby, but I’m old and old school. I love the actual CD. Please let me know if any are left. Great to see the band making such a great run. Sebastian has come a long way from the Highland Pep Band where I first saw him. Lol You can reply to this or reach me at theauralretentive@gmail.com Thanks!

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