Max – From The Archives

Unearthed these shots of Max from the picture bins. Here Max is wearing the infamous headphones. Those things lasted a long time. Though I think Max preferred chewing on the cord as much as listening to the music. He came around though.


Here he is sporting his first Walkman. Look at the look on his face. I wonder what tape came with that. Probably NOT classic rock. All the Sharon Lois and Bram tapes that I copied from the library went to Max eventually. Then came Barney. Max may not want to admit it, but he was serious into Barney.


Here he is in front of the entertainment center that was out of style when we bought it. It refused to die however and survived several moves. My equipment including dubbing tape deck with the tape covers off (so I could adjust the tape heads) and my Onkyo receiver (I still miss you) and the record player. Also the speakers that I still have, covered in a pile of tapes as was the usual.


Nice pose Max.

I’m Batman!

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