Madison Music Represent

There is a reason I look through endless amounts of “not my taste” CD’s in the St. Vincent store. Every so often I find a gem that I have to buy. This day I found 2 gems and that are both Madison related.

“Madison Funk All Stars Vol  # 1”

2015-04-26 18.44.36

This is a compilation, put out by 105.5 Triple M FM here in Madison that has 3 bands on it. Mama Digdown’s Brass Band, Phat Phunction and Smokin’ With Superman.

2015-05-05 06.51.23

Mama Digdown’s was introduced to me by Max. I bought it just for those tracks, and the cover. Nice shot of the Capital.

As a bonus, it’s signed by Mr. Parker, the MC for Smokin’ With Superman.

2015-05-05 06.51.41

I couldn’t find any info on this CD. Boo. The historical detail part of my soul weeps. It says it was recorded at Sleepless Nights Recording Studios. The Mama Digdown’s portion was worth it completely. Good stuff.

The other CD is another Madison band.

“Bugatti Type 35 – Traction”

2015-05-05 07.21.49

This one I happened to stumble upon at the library website

which is comprised of all local bands and they are available for download approved by the bands themselves. A great way to hear some local talent. I heard about it on WSUM and had to check it out.

Bugatti Type 35 fell victim originally to my shallow music snob judgment. I passed on it to listen to other stuff. When I got around to listening to it, despite my unreasonable distaste for it based solely on the cover art… I found to be amazing. Reminds me a bit of The Traveling Suitcase, if you are familiar with them. Spotting the actual CD was cool.

Recorded at Coney Island, Madison WI in 2001.

Hooray Madison!


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