B. B. King RIP – 05/15/2015

BB King

It was almost 2 years ago today that Josh P. and I went to see B. B. King at The Overture Center.


It was a great show and I remember thinking at the time that I was glad to be able to see him, after all he was getting older and I didn’t know how much longer he would be touring. Josh texted me the article last week that described that B. B. was in hospice and that he put a message on his site.

Now this week he has passed.


Of course I have a lot of B. B. digital, but I wanted to collect the tapes I had. I don’t think I ever had any vinyl, but I did have my favorite on cassette: “B. B. King – Completely Well” and some that I copied onto tape.

2015-05-16 05.23.12

B. B. may not have been as flashy as some of my other favorites, but he was always solid. His distinct voice and finger vibrato on the strings was unmistakable. “The Thrill Is Gone” was of course my favorite track.

Thank you for all the music you left us B. B.



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