Waunakee City Wide Garage Sale 2015

The Waunakee garage sale day in Spring has always been a huge event. The entire town goes nuts with sales. It has treated me well in recent years. This year being another banner year.

We went out on Friday and I scored big time.

First off I got 4 CD’s all for 2 bucks.

“Bruce Springsteen – Live 1975-85

2015-05-10 19.36.03

Now, in all honesty I should have known, but I didn’t recognize this by the cover as being 1 of a 3 disc of a set. Oops. It’s good nonetheless.

“Nine Inch Nails – Pretty Hate Machine”

2015-05-10 19.35.42

Had to. This is the CD that sent me in a whole new direction. Classic. Good road music.

“Rolling Stones – Some Girls”

2015-05-10 19.38.35

Classic and perfect for the car.

“Rolling Stones – Sticky Fingers”

2015-05-10 19.41.39

I have never seen a version like this. The case is oversized.

2015-05-10 19.42.12

and there is an actual working zipper on the slide out sleeve.

2015-05-10 19.41.08

2015-05-10 19.40.51

Turns out this is not an import, but an export. They were produced here in the U.S. for sales in Europe. That is the first time I have run into that. How could I NOT buy this?!

No garage sale would be complete without some vinyl.

“Pink Floyd – The Wall”

2015-05-23 04.59.22

I have not only never owned this on CD, I never owned the vinyl either. A) This is a great album. B) It was a steal at 2 bucks. C) It is the last Pink Floyd vinyl I needed. I now have everything from Meddle through The Final Cut. Booyah!

Also picked up a classic Christmas album.

“Bing Crosby – White Christmas”

2015-05-23 05.23.13

and a 7″ 33 1/3 simply for the record label. Dookie Records. Had to.

2015-05-23 05.23.33

I also picked up 7 wooden crates to put records in.

2015-05-23 06.49.39

I walked up and it looked like they were priced $30. Even that wouldn’t have been too bad. I almost bought one for $25 from Amazon. However, the sign actually read $3 each. I was like WHAT?! I bought 6 and they threw in one with a broken bottom slat for free. Amazing.

Then came the thing I almost overlooked.

We stopped in Carriage Ridge for fun and as I passed a table with some largely normal items in a garage a VCR like unit caught my eye. I chuckled to myself thinking that these people were trying to sell a VCR, but as I re-looked at it I had to stop. It didn’t have a slot for a tape. There was a manual taped to the top (always a good sign that whatever it is may have been cared for) and as I approached I could see to my surprise that it was a record player! Not one like I had ever seen. I gave it a cursory glance, then picked it up gingerly and paid the man the 3 dollar asking price. No haggling.

I give you the Sony PS-FL1.

2015-05-09 06.36.46

The outside looks odd. Almost like a top loading VCR right?!

2015-05-09 06.37.17

This is the coolest thing I have seen EVER in a record player. You press the button on the panel in the front and the plastic view window drops and the turntable slides out !!

2015-05-09 06.37.43

2015-05-09 06.37.54


The button to the left of the eject/close button auto lifts and places the arm once the drawer is closed. It is a thing of beauty to say the least.

I was bummed to find out that the needle tip was missing, but, I was able to find a replacement needle in about a minute online for only $15 bucks.


It came in a few short days and I put on the “Pink Floyd – The Wall” and after an initial scare that the speed was messed up (it was actually set on 45 – ha ha ya got me) I was pleased to hear the lilting tones of Mr. Roger Waters.

A totally awesome record player with brand new needle for $18.

Thank you universe!!

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