Buckethead !

While at Party City to order some balloons I had to take a shot of the mask I saw there. I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw it and exclaimed: Buckethead!

Buckethead is a fantastic and experimental guitar player. His signature style is to wear a  white mask and KFC bucket on his head while onstage. He is unmistakable.

Buckethead 2

I was turned on to Buckethead by Kris B. back in the Erdman days. Cool stuff.

So when I saw this hanging on the rack I had to take a photo.

2015-05-18 15.46.53

Could it be the same? Does Buckethead shop at Party City?!  Actually, upon closer inspection there are some differences. Ah well.

A shout out to Buckethead anyway.


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