My Trip To LP Nirvana – Strictly Discs, Madison WI.

My friend Otis has mentioned Strictly Discs to me several times and I have passed it a couple of times down on Monroe Street, but never have actually stopped. This weekend however, after visiting Brat Fest for a quick Friday brunch (Cindy and I were both off)

2015-05-22 11.05.19

where the brats were great and the music, well… it was early on day one. Golden Rule. Anyway… we crossed town and stopped in at Strictly Discs.


It’s just a little corner shop. We plugged the meter with 25 minutes worth and walked across the street and went in. Instantly I was surprised at how small it was. Otis had talked about getting vinyl here and they had some, but as far as I could see it was all new stuff. I was bummed. Small and no used stuff? This was so not what I had hoped for. Don’t get me wrong, there was an awesome selection of new vinyl and new and used CD’s galore, but I wanted used vinyl. I was checking out the reggae vinyl when it all changed.

Cindy pointed out the sign that said something about used vinyl in the basement.

Ah HA !

In the back corner of the store is an alcove that leads to stairs down into the belly of the beast. Used records!

We made our way down a flight of stairs, signed framed album covers adorning the walls, rounded a corner at the bottom and entered the used vinyl area. There were 2 rooms down there. I was actually momentarily stunned. So THIS was what Otis was talking about.

I spent a few minutes flipping records and flipping out frankly and decided I had to take some pictures.

2015-05-22 12.14.22

2015-05-22 12.14.32

2015-05-22 12.22.31

2015-05-22 12.22.15

It was awesome. Did I say that?

I bought a few things.

“Frank Zappa – Studio Tan”

2015-05-23 05.32.41

This has my all time favorite Zappa song which is the entirety of side one.

2015-05-23 05.32.59

“Greggery Peccary”      The gregarious wild swine.     Ultra classic. I owned this many years ago and it feels right to have it back again. I had seen it at another place for 25 bucks. I got this one for $9.99 and it’s in a plastic sleeve to boot.

I wandered satisfied with my purchase until I found the bargain bin. 99 cent albums. I wondered if there would be the usual awful selections like I dig through at Half Price Books. I was pleasantly surprised and I  found a few gems in there.

No shit, Buck Owens!

“Buck Owens – You’re For Me”

2015-05-23 06.12.36

The only other Buck Owens I have is the one I bought in Nashville. This was a good score, and, it’s in great shape. I already listened to it. Not bad for 99 cents.

“Adam Ant – Friend Or Foe”

2015-05-23 05.32.14

Never had this one, but it has both “Goody Two Shoes” and “Desperate But Not Serious” which are my 2 favorites. I had to get it.

“Siegel-Schwall – Best of Siegel-Schwall”

2015-05-23 05.32.24

Jim Schwall still plays around here sometimes. Just noticed, it’s quadraphonic!

2015-05-23 06.21.11

I even picked up a 45 from the nice little singles area they have.

“Bruce Springsteen – My Hometown b/w Santa Claus Is Coming To Town”

2015-05-23 05.33.18

and I couldn’t resist a Strictly Discs platter pad. Slip mat? It goes on your turntable.

2015-05-23 05.33.54

and as I went back upstairs with my arm full of stuff, I grabbed a grab bag. Yes really.

2015-05-22 14.54.41

This is good time fun for record collectors. I figured I could use them for record clocks if there was something cool.

2015-05-22 14.54.35

That’s Reggie looking on as I opened it up at home.

2015-05-22 14.56.01

Okay, nothing was a huge hit. However. The 45 is on white vinyl and WILL make a great record clock. The Gregorian chants might get a spin. Anyone need some Charlie Daniels?

The cherry on the record buying event was a free poster from the free poster rack. I chose a Tori Amos double-sided promo poster.

2015-05-23 05.34.33 2015-05-23 05.34.17

It seemed we were only in there a few minutes, but when we got back to the car the timer was up.

I’ll be back Strictly Discs.

You had me at Used Vinyl In The Basement.

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