Archival Evidence Of Linda Ronstadt Phase

I came across this photo of me resplendent in my Ann Arbor bedroom. It is actually an artifact of some importance.


My decorating taste was in full swing during these years and I decorated my room with various facets of my developing teen tendencies. Big shout out to my mom for allowing and putting up with what I put up.

I was into sword and sorcery stories (Conan, Elric Of Melnibone) and the Frank Frazetta prints, or rather magazine clippings were essential to my style.

Some of my prized “Shang-Chi Master Of Kung Fu” comics are visible too.

You can see an assortment of games in the closet. Also a giant stuffed white bull. Hmm…

Of importance in this picture however, and the reason I include it here, is Linda Ronstadt.

Mom had purchased a stereo to replace the all in one with an 8-track player in it when we moved to Ann Arbor and that is when I really started buying my own albums. Linda Ronstadt was amongst my first purchases. I believe it was “Linda Ronstadt – Different Drum”. Soon after I got “Linda Ronstadt – Simple Dreams” along with the rest of the world. I used the album covers and some of the sleeves as decoration, eventually even hitting Spencer’s (remember that mall store?) giant poster collection for the one you see on my wall behind me. What you can’t see in this photo is the poster I had of her on my ceiling.

I was totally into Linda back in the late 70’s. It took the album “Mad Love” to break me.

This evidence of my Linda phase must be documented.

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