Once Around On Bordello Of Horror


Once Around is making another appearance! This time on TV. They will be on tonight July 11th 2015 on Bordello Of Horror, a horror movie show on at midnight.


They play old pulp horror films and tonight they are playing the old “Little Shop Of Horrors” film. That is a reason to tune in all on its own.

Josh, staying up for this?

This week on the show they have musical guests Once Around! These are the guys from Highland that I have written about before:

https://auralretentive.wordpress.com/2015/02/27/once-around-cd-release-party-at-. bootleggers-2-28-2015/

and I think it’s awesome that they are still at it. Cindy and I are setting an alarm to get up and watch to see how they do. Support your local, or surrogate local bands!

If you surf to the Bordello Of Horror website before they switch to next weeks advertising


you can follow the Once Around link to their Reverb Nation site, If it’s down when you read this, you can go here:


They are ranked # 3 on the Reverb Nation Madison Metal chart! Nice job guys! Rock on.

Knock ’em dead at the Bordello.

Wow, that’s a questionable phrase.



ADDENDUM: Stayed up and about midway through the movie, Once Around played. Recorded at MMI Studios, Sebastian answered a few questions and then they played “Love Sic”.

2015-07-12 00.46.13 2015-07-12 00.51.24 2015-07-12 00.51.46

and at the end they put up a list of Once Around upcoming shows.

2015-07-12 00.53.20

There are more listed on their Facebook page. Check it out. They are playing all over the place. Nice guys!



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