Star Spangled Banner – WK Stylee (Not A Spelling Error)

This week was the 3rd Annual Wolters Kluwer Summer Office Olympics. Four sanctioned non-work work hours full of team challenges and competition.

This was my first year at the event and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. There were events such as team Jenga, Trivia, Sack Races and a feeding event involving Whoppers and a 10 foot pole. The day was beautiful and the opening ceremonies only injured one person.

The reason I mention the event here is a simple one. The Star Spangled Banner was performed. John and Charlotte did it as a duo and there were hands on hearts and it suddenly seemed like the real deal.

2015-08-25 13.05.31

It is always a solemn moment. Great job guys!

Tom helped out on kazoo. I didn’t forget you man. Note our official games torch. It caused the injury. Lesson learned.

2015-08-25 13.05.43

Though our team, Neon Green, did not win the event… we did have a great time.

Jenga at the crucial moment. No one could have pulled another block Brittney. No worries.

2015-08-25 14.12.33

In the end we settled for participation and a group photo by nerd truly.

2015-08-25 15.22.06

In the end the tie for first place and bragging rights came down to a grueling match of Rock Paper Scissors and Stephanie pulled out the win for the Hot Pink team narrowly edging out the Blood Red team.

2015-08-25 15.55.22

Sportsmanship, comradery and competition… and a little music thrown in for good measure. Four hours well spent.

I’m already training for next year!

Well, not really…. but I will go.

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