The Beatle Collector Part 2 – What Level Of Collector Are You?

Beatles Collection

At the very outset, you need to define what type of collector you are going to be and how deep you are going to get. In a short time you will discover that collecting Beatle albums for fun or profit can be complicated.

You need to determine how into it you are gonna get.

I developed some arbitrary levels to help me determine where I was at. You may think you are a collector and are really just scratching the surface. See if you agree with me.

Level 0: Beatles? Never heard of them. Are they on Spotify?   EXIT HERE.

Level 1: I have some Beatles on my I-Pod or on CD or I have Beatle records in the basement, but I have no record player and no plans to get one.    EXIT HERE.

Level 2: I have some Beatle records and I still have a record player. I might get some more some day. If not… EXIT HERE

Level 3: I don’t care about Apple vs Capitol labels.   EXIT HERE

Level 4: You answer yes to any of the following: A. I only buy original pressings.  B. I only buy official studio releases, or live releases. No compilations!  C. I have registered my White albums.

Level 5: You answer yes to any of the following: A. I buy stereo AND mono versions.  B. I collect cover variations.   C. I buy bootlegs.

Beyond Level 5: Beyond level 5 is a zone that I cannot comprehend though I am sure there are people who are there.


I am going after the studio albums, I like Apple, but will buy on Capitol if the opportunity presents. I am not collecting to store them into eternity and never play them. I want to listen to them. There is a good deal of nostalgia involved, I admit that.

I had “Abbey Road” reissue still unopened and “Beatles 65” from Josh and a still unopened reissue of “Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band”. I had also come across and purchased “Hey Jude” and “Magical Mystery Tour” from Frugal Muse in Madison.

Having sold some obscure 45’s from Dalton’s collection I was poised to dive into a journey into getting the rest. I started with an album that I owned in the past, “The Beatles” otherwise known as The White Album.

I got a little too lucky…

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