The Beatle Collector Part 5 – 2 Beatle Artifacts From Years Gone By

As I have stated, Jeff was a raging Beatle fan back in the day and he gave me 2 Beatle presents that I have kept safe in storage that are destined for the man cave someday.

Item # 1 was a drawing of The Beatles.

Jeff Beatle Picture

I love this. I have kept it safe within the tri-fold Original Master Recordings pamphlet that he gave it to me in.


Interesting to see the album offerings that were “hot” back then.

2015-09-17 07.15.03

Not to mention the whole process that the rest of the pamphlet describes.



Ironic protection for the picture all these years.

Item # 2 The Beatles wallet.

The Beatles wallet, if I recall correctly came in a package of tapes shortly after Jeff had moved away from Ann Arbor and was living in Colorado. Inside of a brown wallet was a note and a picture of The Beatles. The note simply says:

2015-09-18 20.36.20

And so I have. The picture is faded now, but to accidentally prevent the picture from being removed I have sealed it in a shadow box destined for, you guessed it, the man cave.

2015-09-13 20.07.32-1

Thanks Jeff. Your gifts just keep on giving.


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