Happy Birthday Joe !

Joey, Joe now, turned 14 today. He has grown out of the Sonic The Hedgehog and Minecraft t-shirts that we used to buy him. Now he wears Adidas and Nike and he isn’t in the little kid sizes anymore.

but… want your young child in a Sublime t-shirt? They make them in that size.



Yep Minions right next to AC/DC, right there below the Nirvana. I have to say I was a little shocked by all of this. Enough that I had to take these pictures. Particularly the juxtaposition of the novelty characters alongside no less than 2 shirts depicting bands with members who tragically died. But then I saw another Pink Floyd shirt very much like the one I own.

Think about the demographic of people who would buy a Nirvana or AC/DC shirt for their kids. That’s right. Baby boomers. Us.

I had to get the Floyd shirt for Joe. They got me. I proved their demographic worked.

The look on Joe’s face when I brought home a Pink Floyd shirt for him was priceless.

2015-08-04 17.24.56

He wouldn’t actually even put it on. The conversation went something like this… “Uh, dad, no one at my school knows who this is.” I’m pretty sure that isn’t true, but it was clear he was not a fan and wouldn’t wear it. I sadly returned it.

There will be no Dad and Lad Pink Floyd shirt wearing day.

Too bad.

Happy Birthday Joe !

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