The Mad Hatters – Fall Show – The Capitol Theater – 11/13/2015

Cindy got us tickets for the Fall Mad Hatters show at The Capitol Theater.

2015-11-15 08.39.35

It was the first time I have ever seen a show there. The theater is very ornate and beautiful. Quite a place. The crowd was into it and raucous in their cheering for their favorite Hatter.


We were in a box at the side of the stage (great seats!).


It was a full house when it started and there was a bit of crowd warming and participation to start the show, trivia about the names of the guys in the group and such. Then it began.


Pretty simple and efficient setup. The sound was great and each member came forward and did a solo or a group song. They started with “Senorita” by Justin Timberlake which made me laugh. Not what I would have expected, but they did a great job. Got the crowd going right away with singing along.

There were newer songs and older songs and some lively dancing and stagemanship. Every so often, the Hatters would leave the stage and the screen would come down and a series of goofy interviews were shown featuring each member.

Then the Hatters would come back out and launch into it again.

After one video break they came back and formed a closed circle and performed a slower very harmonic song. It was really really good. I didn’t recognize it, but they did fantastic.


Each member had his own style and of course vocal range. From the program:

Mad Hatter Fall Show Cover

Mad Hatters Fall Show Singers

One of the best parts was when Tyler Livingston came up for a solo. He is the beatboxer and had been laying down some solid beats and hi-hat sounds and was steady but not overdone. They turned him loose on his solo though. It was crazy!

I wish I had gotten a picture or recorded it somehow because it was amazing. The noise he was able to make sounded like something you WISH you could do with equipment, and he was just using his mouth. I was stupefied. Even Cindy was amazed. Props to Tyler L!

The show was a good time and we left with a smile on our face.


Nice job Mad Hatters!

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