Voodoo Funk

I have discovered the world of YouTube and Record Collectors. That is to say, people who post videos of their record collection, recent purchases, trips to record stores and reviews of albums both old and new. It’s quite an interesting world. But… that is not this story.

It was actually the jumping off point for a fall down the rabbit hole with a video that came up accidentally. I have begun watching Record Collector videos while I walk on the treadmill. It makes the time go faster and I probably like them more than I will admit. However, this past morning, as I reached out an unsteady hand to click on another video I hit the wrong one and something I didn’t expect started. It was a video documentary about a DJ who was collecting records in Africa. I thought I would give it a minute or so before I moved on. It was called Record Collecting In West Africa and 45 minutes long. After a couple of minutes I was hooked.

Frank Gossner, the DJ, travels to different towns in West Africa and searches for old African funk music. The passion and respect he shows the music is contagious. Not to mention the music is great. I have a few mixes of Afro Funk music that I found somewhere online ages ago and still have around. It’s on my I-Pod. I figured when I finished the video I would check them out again.

In the video one of my favorite parts is where Frank visits with some of the artist who made the music that he is collecting. He plays their records for them on a portable turntable. The looks on their faces when they listen to the music they created years and years ago is very heartwarming.

If you like record collecting, or African Funk, you must see this. The way that the climate and insects and political turmoil affect the records that Frank is collecting will make you think twice about your trip to the local record store next time. In the end he finds the Africa Brother’s Band record he has been searching for and when he is back in New York he spins his new finds for a club. Pretty cool.

In the credits there is a thank you to the Voodoo Funk blog. That sounded really familiar to me. Hmm…

I know why it seems familiar! I have been to this site before, and even downloaded some mixes. That’s right. The Afro Funk mixes that I mentioned before. Author of the files? Frank. No way! Yep. Without even knowing it I had been digging Frank’s mixes already.

If you dig the documentary, make sure to check out the blog too. Big shout out!


Voodoo Funk

That is Frank in the picture above, with his portable, checking out some vinyl. Cool.

There are tons of mixes here and plenty of info to get you started if this music moves you. I also went back to YouTube to see if there was any African Brothers Band stuff out there and of course there is. There is an endless rabbit hole of fantastic music you will never see in any record store you frequent. You have to love the internet.

Currently I am listening to some Juju music by Bob Aladeniyi and The Juju Rock All Stars.

Great stuff!

Thanks to a happy accident on the treadmill and the documentary I am re-exploring some stuff that I was curious about before and have come back around to.

Hello to the other side of the world…

and thank you!

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