An Open Letter To Vinyl Owners Everywhere – Put Down That Marker!

Music today is more in the realm of personal non-shared belongings, often times even just virtual and not even a physical presence. That has not always been the case.

I recall when I was in high school a guy loaned me a Pink Floyd album, “Wish You Were Here” and I guarded it with my life as I transported it home to listen to. I always appreciated that show of faith. I’m not sure today I would be as cool.

I’m way too protective. I generally burn a copy and hand that over.

Back in the day though, when vinyl was the medium of choice, protecting your collection was serious business. The oft used method however, gives me pain today. How many of you record buyers today have purchased a copy of a record on which someone has scrawled their name across the cover, which often times ruins the art of it?

Case in point, a recently purchased copy of George Harrison’s “Living In The Material World”. To be fair, I intentionally purchased this copy because it was cheaper by far.

2015-11-17 20.01.05

Ugh, but why!? Is there no other way of marking it??!! Craig? I’m talking to you.

2015-11-17 20.01.11

For God’s sake, you could’ve at least done it on the back cover. The only name on a record cover should be an autograph. If you have “The Beatles – White Album” then I guess you are excused, since there are people who desire doodling and names on that cover as art, but if you are writing on any other Beatle album cover… then I shake my finger at you vehemently. If you are decorating your copy of Beck’s “The Information” you may also get a pass… but otherwise no.

Even if you think you are hiding it by making it almost blend in with the cover text.

2015-11-17 20.13.57

Ruined. You are not fooling anyone Mr. Freeman.

I understand you didn’t want anyone making off with your album. Will anyone want it now? Is this your way of safeguarding it by ruining it?… and now I am sad.

Stop doing this immediately if you are still doing this.

I beseech you.

The collector in me want you to buy generic paper sleeves and write anything you want to on those… your name, address, website, Facebook page, Instagram account, whatever you want. Put that sleeve in with the original. DO NOT write on the original sleeve or the cover. Just don’t do it man.

Put that marker down Craig.

Stop ruining history!

2015-11-13 07.16.54

Bye !

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