Happy Thanksgiving From The Aural Retentive 2015 !!

This year we are having brats that I cooked last night in a fiery debacle that luckily ended in a delicious pan full of grilled meat. The last few burst and sent geysers of flaming grease into a hellish blaze that scared even this seasoned grill master.

2015-11-25 17.56.01

They needed to be perfect, since they are the featured meat. No turkey this year. Sorry Tom Turkey. We are not going traditional this year.

One thing that doesn’t change though is the annual playing of “Alice’s Restaurant” by Arlo Guthrie. I heard this one year in my middle school/high school years and have thought of every Thanksgiving since.

Last year I think I put the lyrics in my blog. This year, I’m linking to the YouTube clip of the song. Not much to look at, but you can hear the whole song.

This is the precursor to Christmas music drowning you in a seasonal barrage . Brace yourself.

Thanks Arlo!

Happy Thanksgiving from The Aural Retentive.

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