Jeff On The Gibson ?

I uncovered this photo from the pile. There are several items of interest here.

Jeff Peavey and More

  1. Jeff! This was a visit during a High School Christmas holiday where Jeff stayed for a while. I think this was only the second time I had seen him since he moved away from Ann Arbor when we were in Middle School. We had a great time and we were both into music at that stage and the guitar pictured got quite a workout that visit. Jeff showed me how to play the opening to Boston’s “More Than A Feeling” and the opening to Neil Young’s “Heart Of Gold”. Openings were all I ever was able to master.
  2. The Gibson? Can’t quite read the name on it. This was the guitar that my Uncle Phil loaned me in my early High School years. Not sure I would have been so generous with my stuff, especially loaning it to a High School kid, so, big shout out to Phil. I bought several tab books and gave it a shot. I could play a few chords, but as previously stated I could play the hell out of several openings… but it was all downhill after that. I do believe that I was able to return this guitar to Phil in one piece.
  3. Another view of the Peavey T-30. Ah… you are missed my friend.
  4. Director chair. These were a staple of our apartment.  These were hot in the early to mid 80’s and were versatile and stylish. Mom bought these I think at Pier 1, which was one of our favorite stores. I spent so many hours in these chairs it boggles the mind. Not exactly a Lazy-Boy, but I loved them.
  5. The tall stool is actually my Father’s drafting table stool. It was perfect for guitar playing. Padded seat and it spun and had foot rails too.

This was my room in high school.

Quite the time capsule.

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