Hello To Dereck From The Aural Retentive

In the playlist on YouTube while looking at videos of people’s record collections (yes I’m that guy now) I came across a gentleman that has a regular video channel, named Dereck Higgins. The first video I watched he just spoke about some of his records, seated in front of a giant rack of albums.



I watched the first one and I was immediately hooked by his style and his passion about the music. I spent many a morning since on the treadmill in the early morning dark listening to Dereck in my headphones talk about music and his reviews of other records as well as speaking about his own compositions. He has a very welcoming and honest take on things and presents himself loose and fluid like an old friend. Hearing about music from his angle of the world is refreshing. Check him out.

He has been featured in Record Collector and other magazines. Here is a link to a Omaha Magazine article.


I dug in a bit more and ended up on Bandcamp. He has quite a catalog of releases there.


I have listened to several and though I must confess that this isn’t the type of music I normally go for, I like this stuff and its growing on me. Some favorites are “Myths… Realities” and “Flyover”. Particularly the latter half of “Flyover” really struck something in me. Some are free to download and all are free to listen to. If you are at all into alternative electronic ambient psychedelic instrumental stuff you should give some of this a listen.

He has his own record label/company and releases some of his own stuff on vinyl. Had to get one to show support. I picked up a copy of the “Flyover” album.


Limited Edition of 500 on splatter vinyl.

DVH Flyover

This is the shot of it from Bandcamp. Very pretty.

Keep the videos coming Dereck! Enjoying them and your music!

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