How I Vow To Go To Record Store Day 2016

Record Store Day happened twice this year, once in April (missed it) and on Black Friday (also missed it). Each time I thought I would go, but in the end didn’t end up at a local vinyl shop.


Once again my friend Otis DID go. Also once again he sent me a gift that he picked up there! He picked this up for me.

“Reverend Horton Heat – It’s A Rave-Up b/w Beer, Write This Song”

2015-12-09 06.45.52

This is an exclusive Record Store Day pressing on red vinyl.

2015-12-09 06.46.22 2015-12-09 06.46.41

These are unreleased songs specifically released on Record Store Day on 7″. Sweet.

I played them on the TMR slipmat. As any Reverend Horton Heat song is… these songs are awesome. I have seen The Rev twice now. Each time I am amazed at 2 things.

  1. This guy can PLAY. Man is he good.
  2. His voice is strong and you can tell he cares about the sound and the music.

Before I looked up these songs I thought that they must be older tracks, his voice sounds as crisp and young as on his first albums.

Red vinyl on spinning yellow and black slipmat. A thing of beauty.

2015-12-09 06.50.00

A big thank you to Otis.

Record Store Day 2016! You and me. Be there. For thee I swear.

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