David Bowie – 1/10/2016


It never occurred to me that David Bowie would ever not be around. Seemed ridiculous. I have grown up with Bowie and as I heard the news first from my wife and then from the news I was truly saddened and felt a loss.

His death just 2 days after his birthday AND the release of his new album is just a completely low blow by the universe.

I’ve no doubt I will write more about Bowie in the coming weeks.

I’m going to have to work up to opening his new album “Blackstar” which I preordered and has been sitting waiting for the perfect time to open it.

2016-01-11 06.37.40

Just a simple carton to hold what critics are calling his most fierce work yet. Odd and jazzy and wringing a lot of comparisons to his older influential work. Sigh.

2016-01-11 06.37.15

Mine is the Limited Edition clear vinyl copy, which no doubt will be beautiful.

Glad I was able to get one. I bet they sell out fast now.

Yet still more irony in the sad death of David Bowie.

R. I. P. David.

Thank you for being with me for all these years.

The Aural Retentive


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