Flyover – Dereck Higgins

I talked about Dereck Higgins in another post recently and about ordering his “Flyover” LP from his Bandcamp site.

It arrived and it is stunning.

2016-01-10 05.44.41

The artwork and vinyl and sleeve are beautiful. The red vinyl is splattered with streaks of different colors.

2016-01-10 05.44.01

and the inner sleeve has Dereck’s face on it. He signed it too.

2016-01-10 05.55.27

It also came with a CD. So, that’s literally 3 copies if you buy it from Bandcamp where you also get a download as well.

2016-01-10 05.45.22

Sorry if my pictures are a little glary, the reason is because J.J. (Hi J.J. !) bought me a record frame for Christmas and after one listen on vinyl, I already have Flyover framed! It’s perfect for this album and its fantastic colors and art and the signature. It was the obvious choice for the frame.

2016-01-10 05.44.51

I laid it out a little differently than the standard layout so that I could get in all of the beauty of this packaging and vinyl. Cover on the right, inner sleeve and signature in the middle and vinyl on the left. Awesome. Too many colors and textures to hide any one part.

Love this!


the music is great too.

I have dabbled in electronic and instrumental music before and it takes a lot to get my attention. I can’t do just beeps and squonks and tones.

This album is fantastic. I love Side 2 in particular. My favorite track is “Fate”. It is a sweeping smooth journey. In my head I see it as the soundtrack to a film that you would see in 3D of flying over different landscapes, with cliffs and waterfalls falling away below you and clouds parting and cities slipping by beneath. Very soothing.

I also love the grindy bass in “Chaps”.

All these tracks are great and I am so happy I bought this. I wanted to support Dereck and his music and got a fantastic album in the process. I highly recommend you check him out.

There are still copies of this limited edition vinyl album left.

Also, check out his YouTube channel.

Tell Dereck I sent you.

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