Portrait Of The Artist With Baby And A Glass Spider?

So, I tried to get it all out about Bowie in my last post, and I almost did.

As I was cleaning my desk up tonight, under a book I found 3 pictures that I intended to scan and put in my blog at some point. Pictures that I came across while looking through like a few thousand pictures in the basement for a picture of my father in which he was posed just like a Neil Diamond album cover. It became a thing and I know I have it but after hours and hours of searching was not able to come up with it. Sigh.

At any rate, I did find 3 that I thought were blog worthy.

As I lifted the book tonight, I looked at them and was surprised that I hadn’t made the connection to one of them. It is a picture of me in 1988, wearing the David Bowie shirt I bought at the show during his Glass Spider tour!

Bowie Shirt Glass Spider Tour

I don’t recall how much I paid for it, but it was my first honest to goodness tour shirt. Pretty sure I wore it until it was an embarrassment and falling apart. That’s Abbey in my arms.

She went on to become a Bowie fan too.

The timing of coming across this picture and bringing it up to my desk and having it lay in wait for a couple weeks for this particular time in history is pretty cool.

Since I heard about Bowie I have been listening to Side A of  “Young Americans” over and over. I guess it is resonating with me. “Win” is really hitting home for me, which is odd.  Just digging the soul right now.

My copy is the one Dalton gave me at Christmas before he passed. Not sure if he is the one who put on all the crazy electrical tape or not.

2016-01-14 18.04.05

With all the records I have picked up in the last year, it never occurred to me to replace this copy. I guess the tape gives it character.

THIS is my copy.

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