There Are 2 Things I Always Wished I Could Be…

There are 2 things I always wished I could be…

1. A musician.

Creating music as an expression is a wonderful talent to possess. To hear something in your mind and then create it, must be a compelling feeling. Music stirs me everyday, and it resonates with me in a thousand different ways. I suspect that having the talent to play an instrument and play it well comes with both the joy of creation and the passion to share it. There is probably some frustration as you always try to learn more and improve, and if you choose to share your music, the burden of having to listen to the world judge it.

In this day and age it’s easy to sit behind a screen and call something out that doesn’t resonate with you. Too many people seem inclined to be hurtful out of ignorance and that is too bad. There is plenty of music that I don’t care for, but even those bands have my respect at the very least, because as someone who would love to make music, but isn’t able, I owe them that.

I’ve dabbled in piano, owned a few guitars and have a drum set in the basement, but in most cases, making my arms and hands deliver what’s in my head fails to produce. Sometimes I make some happy accidents, but I’m content to absorb music into my life from others who excel at it.

2. A Photographer/Artist.

Another form of creation that I only dabble in is art and photography. The ability to create an image that touches you, at a deep level, sometimes tapping into something you don’t even necessarily understand, in almost the same way music does, is a talent. Anyone can take a picture, but making them possess a feeling, good or bad, is beyond just snapshots. Also starting with one image and manipulating it and creating another through whatever means, is also a form of expression that I wish I knew more about. Just think about album covers and the photographers, designers, Photoshop editors… they have impacted all of you.

In my Art History class many many years ago I gained a respect for artists/painters and the way they create. So many different styles and techniques… think about Rembrandt and Klee and Picasso and Pollock… all different, but each have paintings that move me. Again, the flow of thought to hands to finished product is beyond my talents to produce.

I have some happy accident pictures framed on my wall, but they are just for pleasure, and lately I have been making lyric portraits to ease my desire to create.

David Bowie Lyric Portrait

These past few years, I have been enjoying writing as my way to make a connection to music, and photography and art. I write about what moves me and my experiences and I keep it personal as I have heard many times… “write what you know’. So I keep it to what pertains to me. I’m not writing a book, I have no motives but to make myself happy, and that feels good.

I write to document.

I write to remember.

I write to dream.

When I’m done writing something, I smile, then I write something else. I thought I would be empty after 100 posts, but everyday brings something new…

and for that I am always happy.

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