How To Hypnotize Someone With Toilet Brushes And A Piano


I have been checking out some artists that I have seen/heard referenced by Dereck in his videos. His record collection is fierce and he has a lot of knowledge about the type of music that has been outside of my wheelhouse.

In his last video he was talking about a record that someone sent him by Nils Frahm. That was certainly a name I never heard before. I went to YouTube and entered his name. The first video that came up was to understate it… mesmerizing.

I had to put it in here.

I sat transfixed watching this. Then he pulled out toilet brushes and my mind went -pop-!

Wary of the newness making it cool and nothing else, I tried a few other videos to try and break the spell. I didn’t work. I only needed more.


That led me to check out 2 other similar artists.

Ólafur Arnalds

and Goldmund

This is really great stuff. Not stuff I would have thought I would go for, but it has really affected me. Maybe this is just the right time in my life that I can appreciate it.

Toilet brushes optional.

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