I’d Like To Make A Request

As if there needed to be more evidence of me being a music nerd… I give you the work request board.

This dry erase board is located in our breakroom and is used to request items that are needed for the office… drinks, supplies, etc. that can then be purchased through our vendors. Out of pens, or Diet Mountain Dew (yes we get free beverages), or need a new stapler?… then just write it on the board. Pretty simple system.

Occasionally, the board is the used as the vehicle for jokes. Like this request from Ahnold.

2015-05-04 09.35.59

I laughed literally laughed out loud when I saw that one. Classic! Clearly I liked it enough to take a picture. I don’t know who requested it, but we never got one. Hmm.

Recently as I was standing waiting for my lunch to warm up in the microwave I glanced at the board. Someone had requested spiral notebooks. It was the last thing requested so the space underneath was open. I began to smirk as I looked at it. There was a song going through my head. No one else was in the room. I couldn’t resist. Scrawling quickly I added to the board.

2016-01-19 15.12.10

Talking Heads reference anyone?

2016-01-19 15.12.13

I burned my notebooks.

Thank you David Byrne.

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