Vinyl Time Records

I have often thought of selling my record clocks, there are plenty who do, but I have spent a lot of time dealing with shipping and the thought of packaging and mailing them gives me hives. I sent one to Alan in Washington state and despite a literal pound of bubble wrap I was worried it was going to arrive in chunks. It made it, but when your item costs as much to ship as the cost of the item, you begin to wonder.

I made a bunch of clocks and had the city-wide garage sale in mind. No shipping. When the weekend came though, I wasn’t prepared and wanted to GO garage sale-ing not sitting in a garage all day.

Then, just before Christmas during a stop into Frugal Muse I asked off handedly if they would be interested in record clocks to sell there. To my surprise, they said I should bring some in. However, I didn’t get it together and the holiday flew by.

Last week I finally decided to gather a couple and take them in.

They thought they were interesting and they would be able to sell them at a split profit. So I left the 3 I brought (1 45, 1 78 and 1 LP) and spent the next few nights making a little sign for my “company” with my contact info.

2016-01-25 08.33.56

I became Vinyl Time Clocks.

That’s a Salvador Dali clock in case you didn’t recognize the melting clocks that he is famous for. I thought it was somewhat representative of the no number clocks that I make. I am the Swatch of the record clock world.

I stopped back tonight with a few more clocks and some plate stands to display them on since the day I dropped them off I only had one. In fact, I expected them to say no, so I didn’t bother bringing everything I needed and when they said to leave the 3 I brought to get us started I was stunned and ecstatic.

To my pleasant surprise… one clock already sold! That 78 is now someone’s timepiece.

I took a picture of my first profit.

2016-01-27 17.02.29

I’m official!

I proudly took a snap of my stuff on the table there at The Frugal Muse Madison West.

2016-01-27 16.14.14

Nice colors, right? That is a primo spot in the store. Waist high and not off in a corner. I couldn’t have asked for a better spot.

One of the gentlemen at the store wanted me to make a clock out of a record he had.

He brought a box of the thickest 78’s I have ever seen out from the back and I picked 2 to create clocks out of. They are so interesting that I had to research them. They are very old. The production of these records ended in 1929.

2016-01-27 20.15.52

2016-01-27 20.16.14

Look how thick these records are!

2016-01-27 20.17.34

They are 3/8″. Like lethal weapons and they should make some fine clocks.

So, Vinyl Time Records is born and already has its first sale and request.

Retirement is right around the corner.

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