Aural Retentive 1 – Appendix 0

Thanks to the good doctors at UW Health (Hi Dr. Garren!) I am now appendix-less and glad for it. It was a long day.

One for my peeps.

2016-01-28 15.16.28

It was a whirlwind of a day once I realized that a heating pad was not making things better with the pain in my side. Cindy took me in to The American Center (irony) and after a CT scan I was told, yep, your appendix needs to go.

There was a lot of prep and interestingly there was a point where they very seriously asked me if I wanted music in the recovery room. They went through a long list of styles. Blues, Classical, Country, Christian, Contemporary… etc. I was kind of amused. In the end I chose Blues.

Funny thing is, I was so drugged up I don’t even recall BEING in the recovery room.

I’d like to think though that I was soothed by the sounds of Muddy Waters or B.B. or even Buddy Guy. I’d like to think they had a great Sirius radio channel or something and the recovery room staff was like, “Yeah! We got another blues guy here!” as they went on with the business of checking on me.

That night after I shook off all the drugs and was wide awake 24 hours after the pain started, about 2 am, I played “Best Coast – California Nights” on my phone and was eventually lulled to sleep. That’s a great album to workout to AND to sleep to.

In the end I made it home,  and am on the road to recovery.

Sorry I didn’t get to hear you blues. I blame the appendix.


Thanks to everyone at TAC who helped take care of me, and thanks to the P1S Implementation team too. Thanks for the plants and balloons! Bee back soon.

2016-01-29 15.41.15





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