Paul Black and The Flip Kings – Don’t Make Me Get Up

I got this tape when I went to see Paul Black and The Flip Kings at the Big Bull Falls Blues And Jazz Fest in Wausau back in 1993. It has been a prize of mine for many years and I have written about it before, but it occurred to me to scan it all for some nice clear pictures.

There was an old shot of the tape laying on my laptop on the Paul Black and The Flips Kings Facebook page

and now they have my scan of the covers there.

Thought I would put them here too in case anyone was looking for them.


Paul Black DMMGU Cover


Paul Black DMMGU Inners

and the tape itself:

Paul Black DMMGU Cassette

For all you Paul Black fans out there… as always, if you have any live unreleased recordings please contact me.

I recorded Paul at the show where I bought this tape, Big Bull Falls Blues And Jazz Fest in Wausau 1993 (which didn’t come out great) and at R&R Station in Madison in 1993 (which came out pretty well). Both shows were incredible.

I keep seeing things pop up on YouTube and on the Facebook page that people recorded and I am always hopeful that there is a stash out there of shows recorded at various venues around Madison and vicinity.

Paul ! We love ya man!


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