The Aural Retentive on YouTube

It’s happening. After completing the construction on the music room. I did one video. One is a fluke. Two couldn’t be a mistake. I’m in.

I learned several things in the first 2 videos.

The first:

Sound is a factor. The room was full of echo! It was fun though, and not entirely horrible.

The second:

The light coming in the window wells was drowning me out. Also the clock I hung in the room was clearly heard going CLICK CLICK CLICK annoyingly. I have to remove it and get a digital. I also played with editing the video on YouTube with their editor. It worked for the most part, but I was not prepared for how long all this was going to take. I did the video about 11 in the morning and I didn’t get it online until about 5 that afternoon. What a process!

I have a new appreciation for many of the videos that I have been watching on the vinyl community YouTube channels. Production value is a whole job in itself.

Check out The Vinyl Geek on his channel “Vinyl Rewind”.

This is amazing production.

I made covers for the window wells and removed the clock. Hopefully my next video will teach me even more. I have ideas for future videos in the wings. Wish me luck.

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