Beat Chefs and Natty Nation – Breese Stevens Field – 07/19/2016

2016-07-19 18.43.02

This show was mentioned to me by a coworker. I really hadn’t heard about it.

He told me on the Monday before, but how could I not go?! Natty Nation, whom I love and have written about many times, and The Beat Chefs, for whom Brandon Beebe plays guitar. All for free! Yes, free.

Cindy and I braved the heat that night and headed down with bag chairs and my new camera. When we arrived The Beat Chefs were already playing. We went to about the middle of the audience area and parked.

2016-07-19 18.48.04

The field has been through renovations, fresh turf in particular, and they have been having events here for quite a while, but until Steve Miller played I had never really heard of it. They had a stage set up and food vendors and drink carts in a few locations. It was a pretty nice setup. There were people of all types there digging the tunes. It was a nice scene.

The Beat Chefs were jamming as a 3 piece onstage. My new camera works great.





It was cool to hear Brandon playing electric guitar after seeing him play acoustic several times. He was still doing some looping, but this was more of a straight band just grooving it out. We were digging it. Cindy was surprised I think to hear some of the covers they were doing. It was a great time.

2016-07-19 18.48.28

I have seen him play acoustic, now electric, and this fall I will be seeing him play as Prince in a Prince tribute show.

To add to the power trio, after a bit 2 guys joined them onstage to add a brass section. It was a nice collective. Certainly different from the way I am used to seeing Brandon perform.

It was hot, no lie, but there was a bit of breeze and the music was fantastic.


The all too short set was over before I had a chance to go down front and get some closeup shots, but I’ll look for The Beat Chefs again. They were great.

Here are some links for The Beat Chefs:

After a quick stage changeover Natty Nation came onstage.

2016-07-19 20.22.20

Immediately a dancer came down to the front of the stage and unapologetically danced his ass off. He was jumping and moving and in the heat that night probably lost about 10 pounds. He was not bothering anyone, bumping into anyone, or drunkenly shouting at the band, it was nice to see that kind of enthusiasm for the music… although he slowed down and just stayed in one place after a while. Probably exhausted. You go mystery man!

That’s him in the sleeveless gray with water. Dance on man. Dance on.


What can you say about Natty Nation… they are solid and soulful and positive and just a great show always. They of course played songs from their new album and some old classics as well. I love “Cool And Proper”. The vibe was fantastic there that night, the crowd was into it and respectful, the heat that started out crazy hot cooled to a normal and bearable hot, and the sound was great in the Breese Field.

This time I made sure to get down front for some pictures of the band.





I have to say that I was particularly focused on Aaron and the keyboard and dub effects. I am really getting into Dub in a big way. I was not disappointed. I saw him use a bit of siren and echo in the show.


Moog. Nice.

I also tried to get some shots of Jah Boogie really bringing it. Got some great ones.



Love the look. You make the four strings sing man.

Got a nice rock and roll style shot of one of the guitar players too.


Sorry Mr. Drummer man, I didn’t seem to get you in any shots, but your beats were tight. I did not leave you out of the camera roll on purpose. You rocked.

Natty Nation’s set was great that night and confirmed my resolve to see them more often. They are always a pleasure to see perform live.

The moon came up as the sun started to set.


All in all it was a fantastic night of music, despite the potential for face melting heat.

Nice job Madison Parks Foundation!

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  1. Thanks, Michael, for the thoughts and pictures! Brandon, Rob and I had a great time playing this gig, and it makes it even more worthwhile to know you and others enjoyed our music.

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