Organizing Records With Records

Record Dividers

I had seen this technique on some YouTube videos and I decided that it would be a perfect use for the scratched, unwanted and abandoned grab bag records that I had accumulated.

I picked up some vinyl letters for cheap and noted by the way when they arrived that they are the VERY SAME letters (packaging and everything) that my father used to use to do the lettering on his model planes. Registration numbers, pilot names etc. were always done in these letters, albeit different sizes and colors.

I still have one of his planes hanging in the garage.

2016-08-03 07.09.18

It was a trip to see that same packaging on the letters I bought. They haven’t changed a bit.

I got white 1 inch letters in block print and as it turned out I had exactly 26 records in a pile to become clocks, or art prints that I have been doing lately.

2016-08-03 07.17.46

I peeled and stuck my way to the full alphabet, although I have no albums starting with X. Here is the whole collection.

2016-08-01 19.48.25

Then I took them to the music room and added them to the shelves. They work great!

2016-08-01 20.10.43

The thing is, at this point I know about where everything is, but that is because I have lots of room and don’t split bands, but when I start getting low on space and everything is squished and not easily spaced, that’s when they will really come in handy.

Pretty cool though for under 10 bucks and some cast off vinyl.

Should I buy an album JUST to use the X divider.


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