Update On CD Giveaway

A post or two ago I described trying to sell my CD’s and eventually giving them away on the breakroom table at work. Most got picked up, which was good and the rest I donated to St. Vinny’s.

I had to laugh though, later in the week, someone returned one!

This is the “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” CD single from Les Claypool’s Fearless Flying Frog Brigade. Did someone think this was Pink Floyd? Or THOUGHT they liked Les Claypool but didn’t. I mean Les Claypool is a pretty unique sound. I’m going on the premise that someone dubbed it for themselves and then brought it back.

Who knows.

Interestingly, I also ran across another CD giveaway. This time it wasn’t my own.

On the way out of the grocery store in town, as I passed the rack where you can find the little newspapers that they give away, like the Isthmus and car sales booklets and Senior Lifestyle handouts and such… there was a lonely CD on it.

It was an amusing thought though, thinking about how it ended up here, with its tiny little note to try to get someone to take it home. Was it from the lost and found? Abandoned in the parking lot and lovingly placed here by staff? It seems a stretch that someone decided that this was the best place to give it away.

Who knows.

Poor Nickelback. Not sure why everyone hates on them so bad. I like them. I do.

Just not enough to take this poor CD home.

I hope it ends up in its forever home soon.

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