Last Night A DJ Saved My Life

That is a disco reference that Max won’t get, but I had to write something tonight and highlight something cool.

I got notification that Max was doing a live feed on Instagram. Yes, I am privy to SOME modern technology. So I clicked it and there he was in the WSUM studio, on video. He wasn’t broadcasting, but I was stoked to see him behind the mic.

Max has been working towards getting his own show on WSUM, taking training and doing jobs and tonight he was doing a podcast in the studio to work with the board and possibly to create a show proposal. It was so cool!

Joey and I joined and he saw that we were on. He said hi to us. He was playing some hip hop and asked us for some requests.

Like a complete music nerd I immediately requested Rush – Working Man. Dalton would have loved it. In hindsight it was SO not in the theme of his show, but he played it anyway. Thanks Mr. DJ.

Then Joey picked a J. Cole song that was a little more in his wheelhouse. It was really cool to see Max in this setting. I was jealous. Back in the day I had a notion to join WORT Community Radio and try and get a show, but I had no time to do it really so it remained a pipe dream. Now my boy is doing it. Cool.

Max told the story of the Sunday night cleaning to Temple of the Dog and how he got his love of rock and jazz from me and crooners and soundtrack stuff from Patty. It was nice. We could hear the song in the background and Max and Patrick, who was in the studio with him, talking about music and memories during the song. I can’t wait to hear the playback when he posts the podcast.

I tried to get some picks a bit closer to the mark with some Prince or Public Enemy and Max played Prince – Kiss. It was awesome.

It was a cool way to see the show in action. Thanks for streaming it Max and good luck on getting a slot there. You know I will be listening. Let me know when and what time and I’ll be making ridiculous requests some more.

Love ya.

P.S.   In case you were curious:

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