Things I Didn’t Know About Ravi Shankar…

First of all, I had no idea that Norah Jones was his daughter. I learned that a few years ago from Rolling Stone (in an article that was actually related to music – personal rant, sorry) and I was surprised, and then when I thought about it, not so surprised. Different instruments, but both full of talent.

I collect Ravi Shankar albums. I find them amazing. They have complicated rhythms and very stringent patterns but at the same time are jazzy almost. If you haven’t checked out any Ravi Shankar I encourage you to try him out. Anything that has a track list that includes ragas… you can’t go wrong.

Another thing I didn’t know was that he is into D&D! Check out the special thanks…

I stumbled on this as I was looking for some info on Ravi and in conjunction with a podcast I am listening to recently (thanks Otis)…

I couldn’t help but add this here. Okay, clearly not the REAL Ravi Shankar… but my recommendation to listen to Ravi still holds.

I’d start with “3 Ragas”

Okay this was just silly, but I did wrap it with a recommendation. So it counts. Sort of.



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