DUDE ! Synchronicity is REAL

I speak about synchronicity all the time.

You know when you think of a song and then hear it later that day. It happens to me with a scary frequency and I know it’s a thing.

It happened again, and this time with an image. Not exactly a perfect match, but I think you will clearly see the synchronicity in it.

Several posts ago I did a review of the newest Nine Inch Nails EP and stated how much I did not like the cover. A drab rehash of another cover.

Then I took a photo that reminded me of NIN and Trent. Here it is again.

Then I found out that Nine Inch Nails has a NEW release. Another EP called “Add Violence” coming out soon!

Now, look at my photo above and then check out the cover below:

COME ON! Sure, not an exact match, but…

can you deny that the images are similar? Switches and knobs. Lights and labels.

I holding up an imaginary hand for a high-five here!

Come on. Give it to me!

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