To Prince With Love, Cindy

Yeah, not my Cindy, but a Cindy Richgels none the less.

Brook from work brought this to my attention and I simply had to include it here in my blog. It seems Brook was perusing a Vogue article about Prince and the places he had lived in and around Minneapolis, and something caught his eye about one of the pictures in the article.

It’s quite an interesting article. Give it a look.

The highlight though had nothing to do with houses of Paisley Park or any other location.

In the article there were some shots of notes and letters left for Prince in the time after his death. One was written by a Cindy Richgels. My wife’s Cindy’s maiden name! She claims she it NOT the author. Too bad. She could have been in Vogue.

Even MY Cindy had to admit that the handwriting is very similar to hers.

And she has been to Minnesota a bit in the past year…

Just saying…


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  1. Just came across this. The note above is actually written by my wife, Cindy Richgels, a life long Prince fan. 🙂 She left this note on the fence outside of Paisley Park, following Prince’s untimely death.

    1. Wow. Loved that article and the photo of the note. I couldn’t believe the name when I saw it. Prince is missed in this house too. Thanks for reaching out Brian, and thank Cindy for me. Michael

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