Little Library For CD’s

In a recent stop to TNT Café in Madison, I was looking at their book exchange

and it made me think of the Little Library in my yard and how interesting would it be if I put CD’s in it. Of course I would want to tag them and have the people who took them (and presumably leave one – that IS how it is supposed to work) leave a review of the CD either in the CD, or on a web page which would be detailed inside the cd. Maybe a label with the webpage listed.

I would love to hearing what people think of the music.

Maybe some demographics of the listener.

Suggestions… like if you like this CD, check out this one.

I know, I know… in all likelihood someone would just come by and swipe them all and try to sell them. Thus ruining it for everyone. Jokes on them, you can barely sell a CD these days.

So, suppose the culprits left it alone… could I handle it if someone took a CD and left a Yanni CD, could I leave my judgment outside the Little Library? I mean it’s not like I am going to put my Jane’s Addiction bootleg double CD in there, but I would put in some Miles Davis I have picked up, and some Cranberries. I am often picking up CD’s lately to rip them and then I give them away.

A brief search turned up plenty of photos of people adding CD’s and (DVD’s too) to their little libraries.

Who knows… maybe I’ll become one of them.

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