That’s What You Get In My House For Spilling Paint In The Garage

An update on the paint pouring on vinyl records.

I did a few pours, then had issues with the paint not covering all of the record, either it was the silicone, or some property of the record material, but no matter what I did, small spots formed as it was drying and I ended up with blank space with no paint.


So I left them alone for a while, until I saw a couple of acrylic pour painting videos on YouTube of various people using spinners to do some incredible work. One person had rigged up a bicycle wheel and pedals to make the frame spin at a crazy wild speed. The concept was very intriguing.

So naturally, I made my own. I took an ancient small fan, created a stack of 45’s to stack on the blades with a point that I could set down an LP on for spinning. A super hack job, but in the end… it worked!

My first attempt was with awful colors and I didn’t use enough paint. This is a flat red that was some oops house paint I picked up cheap, but I did learn a lot.

Then a darker color and more paint. That is actually blue.

Then I learned that dropping paint on the spinning record gave me very little control, so after covering the spinning record with a base color, I stopped it and put the paint where I wanted it and the spun it again.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

Technique, paint thickness and quantity all work together. I’m getting a little better at the canvas pouring as well, incorporating more technique other than just doing a straight pour.

Flowers over a swipe.

and a stretched swirl over a black/gray background.

I like the spinning for the records, but I have to keep in mind the clock parts I have are white, so I need to stick to darker background colors. Some of the ones I did are cool, but you might not be able to see the clock hands very well.

I suppose they are not for really accurate time keeping.

Kinda like a Swatch.

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