Happy Anniversary To Me – 8 Years

Typically I don’t post twice in a day, but as I posted my last one, I noticed this in my messages for today.


It was more than 8 years ago that I was scribbling notes on a piece of paper thinking about some day writing some of it down. I hesitated to begin because I didn’t think I had enough stuff to last more than a couple posts, but as this will be my 625th post, I guess I thought wrong. I carried a piece of paper around with me for years, on the forklift and in the office and eventually had to type most of it out when the paper faded and then continued to add to it.

8 Years ago today I wrote the post about the jukebox in the lunch room at my high school.

I continue to write this, even after a long drought where I was doing YouTube videos mainly and writing far less, but am back at it. Thank you to everyone who reads this and who comments. I truly appreciate it.

-The Aural Retentive

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  1. I have been enjoying your writing since nursery school. It has always been a treat. Keep up the great work. Mom

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