Alan and Bowie

Alan, my friend for years and years and years, since middle school in Ann Arbor Michigan, is flying me out to Washington D.C. for a long weekend in a few weeks.

When Alan moved away when we were still in school I was devastated. However, we kept in touch by making tapes (talking and music) which I have no doubt talked about many times on this blog, and we would call each other, and there were occasional visits. Not so many though that I can’t recall every one and count them on 2 hands.

Weddings, funerals, Vegas, I came to San Francisco once, and once I did a weekend with him when he was working in Chicago. The last time I saw he and his family, for my wedding, I barely had time to talk. So I am really looking forward to this opportunity to just hang out and talk ourselves hoarse.

I was looking at the map of D.C. before the trip.

Odd place to say the least. A weird bit of land carved out and portioned off. As interesting as this map is, something else caught my eye just north-east of D.C.


You can’t see that and not connect it to the man himself.

and it’s near NASA?!…

Ground Control to Major Tom…

see you soon Alan!

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