The Future Is Now! Or Soon Anyway.

I am usually the last one in line for new technology. I’m the guy who refuses to update his apps on his computer unless forced to and I’m also the guy who refuses to get a personal Facebook. No way dude.

I am beginning to change my perspective a bit.

Now don’t get me wrong… I will never be the guy waiting in line to get the next I-Phone, but when it comes to music, I do tend to get interested.

I bought a Juke when they were hot because they played music.

Even so, I resisted the urge to get a Smartphone for a ridiculously long time. Now that I have one and I can play Mixcloud or Spotify or YouTube or Podcasts on it, I wonder how I ever lived without it. The ability to think of a song and tell my phone to play it is I’ll admit… a thing.

Drifting off to sleep and want some sound system or dub music to play you out? Driving and want to listen to a Podcast to pass the time? Talk to your phone.

I haven’t yet reached Alexa stage, I still just talk to my phone, but I did see something the other day that I think I would stand in line for.

A music butler! I mean a robot.

Saw this advertised on Spotify and I had to check it out.

This photo kind of says it all, right? Minimalist setting. Happy dancing child. Grandma looking on from the face of Temi. Is that a bookcase? Futuristic building in view outside. This is the future. Looks like in the future kids still leave toys everywhere.

Just like the time I held out against getting a smart phone and now can’t live without it, I recognize this will be everywhere in a decade. Well, when they get the price down. It runs $1500 currently. Too steep for my wallet, but this one is cute and functional and vaguely like the whimsical Sheldon Virtual Presence Device from Big Bang Theory.

Less the shirt.

This is happening.

I’ve read enough Asimov to know that this kind of robot is the first wave. The ones before the ones that will malfunction and kill us all. So why not get on board now. I bet this could carry my entire music collection and follow me around just waiting for me to call out a tune.

“Jeeves…” that’s what I would call it “… play Working Man by Rush.”

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