Joey Ramone Look Alike

Any resemblance to actual people blah blah blah…

It is with great humility that I offer this photo of me. To be fair we were goofing. Alan and I were taking pictures in the photo booth at the K-Mart that existed between our 2 apartment complexes. We often wandered in there like 2 lost teenagers. This was the excitement we found.

I came across this and a couple other photo strips that I think I made to send to him after he moved away, but never did.

First, the Joey Ramone shot. Again, I remind you we were goofing.

but yes, that was my real hair.

For comparison, the real Joey Ramone.

Okay his hair is longer, but you can see the comparison is not that far out there.

If I had had any idea who Joey Ramone was I could pass this off as rebellious and counter culture-ish… but the sad truth is I didn’t know of him and clearly I was just not so much into style. Pretty sure that shirt was one of my uncle’s shirts. Thank your lucky stars the picture isn’t in color.

The other strip contains a more serious haircut and stern face and I include it strictly to showcase the tuxedo t-shirt that I had from renting a tux for the Junior High Prom to which (shockingly) I went alone. The t-shirt though went on to have a life of it’s own beyond Junior High.

Could these glasses be even worse? I think so. At least I lost the Joey Ramone look. Thank goodness for small favors.

Now go wash out your eyes.

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