WMSE Blast From The Past

I think I have written about these tapes before

but someone reached out to me (Hi Adam) by e-mail and wondered about me still having copies. Always happy to talk music and memorabilia I let him know I did indeed still have them. He wanted to get copies for his brother who was also into a show that they had on WMSE called “The Monk Of Punk” and had tried several ways of reaching former WMSE staff to see if they had tapes of shows. No luck yet on that front, but he did run across my blog.

To be clear, I warned Adam that this was not a whole show, but just songs I had recorded from WMSE in the days when I was in the dorms at UW Milwaukee, and not even all from the Monk Of Punk show. He was still interested. So, I digitized them.

What I found funny as I listened to them was that I STILL loved all this music. There is a crazy mix of styles on these 2 tapes. Some mainstream stuff that was hot back in the day like Wall Of Voodoo, The Alarm and Devo but also some weird obscure stuff, like Big Daddy Sun and The Outer Planets and Lois Lane and The Lame Flames.

I was surprised actually that had never digitized them. This is exactly the type of tape that you SHOULD digitize. It’s not the songs themselves, but the memories associated with the time and place and the collection itself. So, for future Mike and anyone else that may be interested I offer them up here.

This is the music that did it for Mike back in the mid 80’s

Comments welcome.


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