A Cassette Social Experiment

Whilst cleaning my music room in order to get my work desk in…

post the cassette tape culling and organizing…


I did have a small collection of tapes that were good, but I didn’t need. As is my way, I boxed them and decide to take them to work and put them on the table in the plaza. Eventually they made it there. To be fair, it was a crazy snow day and there were only a sparse handful of folks in the building, but I put them out.

Sting, Peter Gabriel, Rush, Sly and the Family Stone, Cranberries, U2, Miles Davis and more… I mean these are good tapes. They just need a good home.

By lunch 2 were missing. Turns out Dan B. has a tape player in his garage and snagged a couple. We had a lovely chat about tapes. I am not alone.

The next day I kept seeing them rearranged and more and more missing.

Brooke took a few, snagging the Paul McCartney cassingle, and Graham picked up some Miles Davis. I sweetened the deal with a book on Wednesday.

You can see there are only a few left. I can’t believe the Peter Gabriel is still there. That album is SO good. I have it on vinyl.

Someone took Buckwheat Zydeco.

I believe that concludes the giveaway exploits of The Aural Retentive. I have really whittled my collection down, but I’m glad that some folks were able to pick up some good stuff.

Music unites us all.

Rock on.

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